My philosophy

Julien sarkissian, founder of Sarkiss

Born into a family of craftsmen in an Armenian neighbourhood in Marseille at the beginning of the 1980s, I quickly became imbued with a philosophy of a sense of service and work well done.

Customer satisfaction was naturally transmitted to me by my parents.

A wedding is first of all an incredible responsibility for me. The confidence of the bride and groom is each time felt as a great honour and an immense responsibility.

And in my work I strive to restore a hundredfold this confidence that has been entrusted to me.

My philosophy is to imagine who would be the dream photographer for my newlyweds, what would be the best photographer he could meet?

First of all, he should take wonderful photos, but not only that!

I would also like him to live up to the expectations that we have entrusted to him today, to be patient, dynamic, to listen.

And kind, it’s important kindness!

The best photographer in the world in my opinion would be of great interest to the guests, it would constantly make them want to smile at the lens.

Friendly and warm, he will give the impression that it is a member of the family who would have taken a camera that day.

Everyone would appreciate it and even notice its absence when it leaves.

For photo shoots, especially for couples, I would like him to know how to put us at ease and how to direct us, that he would be able to create sublime photos that are both original and creative.

If he is sensitive, emphatic and that he has gotten to know us before, he will know exactly what suits us in terms of creativity and rendering.

Thanks to him we will have all the moments that we lived this day but also what we missed, being everywhere but always with tact and discretion.

His professionalism and efficiency demonstrated throughout the day would be a calming presence for us, we will know that we are in good hands and that he is an essential player in the success of this day.

Transcribe each moment in the most beautiful way possible, through a work that has a real signature, and an extraordinary personality, here is what I call a top photographer!

Every day I try to improve myself to reach and maintain these standards, your satisfaction depends on it!

Looking forward to meeting to discuss your project.

Julien from Sarkiss

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